Organic farming as the best alternative to extensive dry farming

The extensive rainfed crops They occupy a large area in Spain and are one of the most important food productions. They also contribute to the creation of the landscape, but conventional practices are causing the contamination of our soil, water and consequently our food.

It is because of that, Defeder has promoted since its creation the conversion to ecological production in rainfed crops. There are tests that support that it is more profitable to produce a kilo of dryland cereal in ecological production than in conventional These studies indicate that, despite the fact that organic production is slightly lower, its profitability is more stable over time, since it has a lower production cost due to savings in chemical products and achieves a better price in the market. Therefore, the organic production of extensive rainfed crops Thus, it is presented as an economically competitive opportunity in a continuously growing market niche.

Defeder promotes organic production as a profitable and sustainable crop alternative over time for the Spanish dry land that helps to alleviate the problems of agricultural intensification, in addition to improving its profitability. Our plants and soil need nutrients to grow and provide a good crop yield. These nutrients are obtained mainly from the soil through the roots. For this reason, it is necessary to fertilize the soil using fertilizers.

From Defeder We have always followed a circular economy and environmental care strategy. In 2030, according to the regulations of the European Union, the 25% of arable soil must be with organic fertilizer. At the moment, Spain It is the first country in the European Union with 2 million hectares of organic production.