• Full Balance NPK: 6-12-2
  • Combination of several sources of organic phosphorus
  • Animal tissue waste, composted animal droppings

Additional information


Applications and recommended dosage

Non-irrigated crops: 1000-1500Kg/Ha
Irrigated crops: 2500-3500Kg/Ha
Vine/Horticulture/Fruit: 2000-3500Kg/Ha
Localized application: 1000-1500Kg/Ha


  • Traceability of raw materials.
  • The Ecocert SA Attestation of usable inputs in Organic Farming according to Regulations (EC) No. 834/2007 & 889/2008
  • 0% of urban sludge and waste.

Presentation and packaging

We have several types of packaging for everyone’s convenience:

  • Bulk
  • 25Kg bags
  • 500kg Big Bags