• Stimulation-Nutrition-Antistress
  • Free amino acids 4% of rapid assimilation
  • 25% organic matter
  • Full Balance NPK: 2-4-6
  • Liquid organic biostimulant
  • Root and foliar fertilization

Additional information

Ecological and organic biostimulant in liquid form.

ECOSAN: It's about a liquid biostimulant, hydrolysed from animal protein, suitable for organic farming with a formulation of NPK 2-4-6, +4% in free amino acids. It contains a unique formulation that allows foliar and root application, which guarantees a rich and nutritional quality effect on the crop.
Vehicular biostimulant that helps to combat water and frost stress for pre-flower and flowering stages, the high amino acid content achieves a biostimulant effect. High organic matter content to improve soil structure.

High content of organic matter with which we manage to improve the structure of the soil.

Applications and recommended dosage

Non-irrigated crops: 2-5 litres/ha
Irrigated crops: 5-10 litres/ha
Orchards and Vines: 40-60 litres/ha (in several applications)
Horticultural: 50-80 litres/ha (in several applications)


  • Traceability of raw materials.
  • The CAAE Certification Service, as an authorized certification entity in the European Union, in application of the control regime defined in the CAAE Standard for Inspection and Evaluation of Inputs (PGT-02/IN), to verify the adequacy of these inputs as usable in organic production according to the Regulation (EC) 834/2007 on the production and labeling of organic products(1) (and its implementing regulations) and the certification system based on evaluation and sampling, confirms and endorses the adequacy of the indicated products that are marketed Guaranteed control and dosing of all batches of finished products. Accuracy 1/1000.
  • 0% of urban sludge and waste.