Organic nitrogen fertilizer of animal origin. Ecological NPK fertilizer obtained from selected high quality raw materials.
  • Full Balance NPK: 10-4-6
  • 65% Organic matter
  • Animal tissue residues and composted droppings.
  • Complete and progressive nutrition

Additional information

The organic fertilizer NutriComplet It has the organic organic label ECOCERT, like the certificate CAAE, which certifies that NutriComplet It has been developed in compliance with all the requirements and standards regarding organic production, labeling and control under the UNE standard.

Applications and recommended dosage

Non-irrigated crops: 1000-1500Kg/Ha
Irrigated crops: 2500-3500Kg/Ha
Vine/Horticulture/Fruit: 2000-3500Kg/Ha
Localized application: 1000-1500Kg/Ha