Action plan for the development of organic production

The European Commission presented on March 25, 2021, an Action Plan for the development of organic production. Their general objective, as they point out, "is to boost the production and consumption of organic products, reach 25% of agricultural land dedicated to organic farming by 2030 and considerably increase organic aquaculture."

Defeder in his mission and commitment to the well-being of the environment, he will attend the next April 15 hand in hand with Asobio to the exclusive presentation in Spain (both in person in Madrid and online).

But what does this action plan consist of?

In search of a series of improvements so that organic farming has the appropriate tools to achieve the objective of the 25%. These improvements are divided into 23 actions structured around three axes:

  • boost consumption
  • Increase production
  • Continue to improve the sustainability of the sector

The European Commission encourages Member States to formulate the same green action plans that Defeder already carries out to increase the national percentage of organic farming. The National Organic Farming Action Plans will complement the National CAP Strategic Plans by setting out measures that go beyond farming and what is offered under the CAP.

Defeder considers that the measures presented will be able to give a definitive push so that the ecological society and our planet earth have a better quality of life, which is the main idea and common objective of the actions carried out.

Defeder it is circular economy and all our fertilizers are organic 100%, to promote this sustainability and action plan proposed by the European Union.