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Ferti avi

NPK Complete balance: 4-3-2
58% Organic Matter
Natural and noble raw materials
Strong biological activation
Complete and progressive nutrition
100% poultry manure

FertiAvi offers you a great guarantee and efficiency against any type of crops, whether they are rainfed crops such as irrigated crops, fruit trees or vineyards.

We are one of the largest companies in Spain regarding organic fertilizers with more than 13 years of experience in the sector. The quality of our products is consolidated thanks to many years of experience, dedication and passion for ecology, FertiAvi is an excellent representative of our work.

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Non-Irrigated crops: 1000 a 1500 Kg/ha
Irrigated crops: 2500 a 3500 Kg/ha
Orchards/ Vines / Strawberry: 2000 a 3500 Kg/ha
Localized application: 1000 a 1500 Kg/ha

Traceability of raw materials.
The CAAE Certification Service, as a certification body authorized in the European Union, in application of the control regime defined in the CAAE Standard for Inspection and Evaluation of Supplies (PGT-02 / IN), to verify the adequacy of these supplies as usable in organic production according to Regulation (EC) 834/2007 on production and labeling of organic products (1) (and its development standards) and the certification system based on evaluation and sampling, confirms and endorses the adequacy of the Indicated products that are marketed Guaranteed control and dosage of all batches of finished products. Accuracy 1/1000.
The Ecocert SA Certification of supplies usable in Organic Agriculture according to Regulations (EC) n° 834/2007 & 889/2008
0% of urban sludge and waste.

We have several types of packaging for everyone’s convenience:




Big Bags of 500kg and 1,000kg



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