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Nitro Plus

  • 85% Organic Matter
  • High nitrogen content
  • Immediate and sustained action
  • Natural and noble raw materials
  • Contains natural trace elements


Ecological fertilizer suitable for applications in basic dressing or background fertilizer  with a high content of organic nitrogen obtained from selected raw materials of high quality.

NitroPlus can be found with the following compositions:

  • NitroPlus N9: Fertilizer made from transformed animal proteins, reduced C/N ratio. Balanced: 9-4-1
  • Nitroplus N10: Fertilizer made from transformed animal proteins. Balanced: 10-4-1
  • Nitroplus N11: Fertilizer made from transformed animal proteins. Balanced: 11-1-1
  • NitroPlus N12: Made, from transformed animal proteins. Balanced: 12-1-1

NitroPlus is an ecological fertilizer with a high content of organic nitrogen for application in bottom fertilizer or cover of open field crops of single application from selected raw materials of high quality.

NitroPlus fertilizes the soil so that it can offer plants balanced nutrition according to their needs with a single application per crop cycle, improving plant development, nutrient use, saving labour and minimizing environmental impact.

NitroPlus organic fertilizer has the distinction of organic, it is composed of organic matter that has been transformed through biological conversions, based on microorganisms that contribute to geochemical changes and soil fertility.

Thanks to the use of an organic fertilizer of organic origin, we achieve land with more cohesion, porosity, fluffing, circulation of water, air and heat, all this favours the root growth of crops. By improving the structure of the soil, it is possible to increase and the permeability to water and air of the crop soils, increasing the water retention capacity of the soil.

The ecological fertilizer Nitroplus product usable in organic farming according to regulation R(UE) 2018/848 and R(UE) 2021/1165. ECOCERT F-32600 control valid for French crops incorporating extreme quality for use, as well as the CAAE certificate, which certifies that NitroPlus has developed in compliance with all requirements and standards regarding organic production, labeling and control.
NitroPlus is a Fertilizer approved for use in NOP organic production and Demeter biodynamic certification certificate.

The nitrogen of NitroPlus  is found in large quantities and allows its release constantly depending only on the temperature of the soil, therefore there will be a greater release when it increases, which coincides with the increase in the needs of the plants. Once applied,  NitroPlus fertilizer absorbs moisture, which dissolves nitrogen at the rate dictated by the soil temperature, slowly, steadily and precisely towards the root zone.

Thanks to the composition of NitroPlus,  which comes from meat/feather meal, we achieve a high percentage of organic matter and nitrogen volumes higher than other flours.

Non-irrigated crops: 800 a 1200 Kg/ha
Irrigated crops: 2000 a 2500 Kg/ha
Orchards/ Vines: 1500 a 2000 Kg/ha
Localized application: 700 a 1000 Kg/ha

Traceability of raw materials.
The CAAE Certification Service, as a certification body authorized in the European Union, in application of the control regime defined in the CAAE Standard for Inspection and Evaluation of Supplies (PGT-02 / IN), to verify the adequacy of these supplies as usable in organic production according to Regulation (EC) 834/2007 on production and labeling of organic products (1) (and its development standards) and the certification system based on evaluation and sampling, confirms and endorses the adequacy of the Indicated products that are marketed Guaranteed control and dosage of all batches of finished products. Accuracy 1/1000.
The Ecocert SA Certification of supplies usable in Organic Agriculture according to Regulations (EC) n° 834/2007 & 889/2008
0% of urban sludge and waste.

We have several types of packaging for everyone’s convenience:




Big Bags of 500kg and 1,000kg



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