We offer the highest quality in our organic 100% fertilizers. In the quality analysis of an organic fertilizer, in addition to its intrinsic properties, issues relating to production, processing and marketing must also be assessed.

A seal of quality for our clients

In Defeder, we carry out an exhaustive quality control in the production processes of our fertilizers thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, directed by our great team of chemists and biologists who supervise all our processes. Thus, as in the choice of all the raw materials involved in said production. In this way, we guarantee our clients the highest quality and efficiency of our products to meet your needs.

Our fertilizers contain a high organic matter stability index. Getting a high % from ISM is a must for all arable soils.

Another important point in the fertilizer manufacturing process at Defeder is the traceability. In our company, continuous monitoring of all raw materials and final products is carried out so that at all times we can instantly have all the necessary information about the manufacture of any product. This allows us to control that all the products supplied comply with everything required by each client at all times. In the same way, in the event of any incident, we can have all the necessary information about the affected batch at the same time that the incident occurs.

The quality controls carried out DEFEND in all its processes, they allow you to work with great productivity and, what is most important, to be sure that our products fully comply with all the standards of quality.

In addition, we have recently created a quality seal for our customers. A seal that shows that all our fertilizers offer the highest quality, in addition to being 100% ecological.

In this way, we offer our clients a safe investment in high quality fertilizers.

Quality certificates