IV International Almond Forum

Last Wednesday, March 29, we attended the IV International Almond Forum in Huesca, organized by Interempresas Media, the Olint technical magazine and the Center for Research and Food Technology of Aragon – CITA and the Higher Polytechnic School of Huesca- University of Zaragoza.

Defeder was present with a stand to resolve all the doubts that arose about organic fertilization and the circular economy.

The congress under the slogan “Northern Latitude: Innovate to grow”, is the reference event for professionals linked, directly or indirectly, to the cultivation of the Almond Tree, which has gained special prominence in recent years, thanks to its high profitability and ease of handling in high-density systems.

At the event, we were able to learn about the opportunities and threats of almond cultivation in these areas, especially in regions like Aragon. And what are the main opportunities?

  1. High demand in the market: Almonds are a highly demanded product in the global market, which represents an opportunity for producers who want to invest in this crop.
  2. Possibility of obtaining high profits: The price of almonds has increased in recent years, which makes the cultivation of almond trees a profitable activity for producers.
  3. Increase in the cultivated area: The increase in the cultivated area of almond trees in various countries, such as Spain, has generated a greater supply of this product, which in turn has boosted its demand.
  4. Crop diversification: Almond cultivation can be an interesting alternative for farmers seeking to diversify their crops and reduce the risks associated with dependence on a single product.

In addition, projects are currently being launched to lead sustainable almond farming in the world.

What workshops could we find in the congress?

Also, the event included two specialized workshops, in which aspects of great interest such as:

1) Strategy for efficient management of almond trees in hedges – Synergynuts Workshop.

2) Organic almond tree and living soils.

The Huesca Conference Center was the perfect setting for companies to establish relationships with producers, investors, managers, agronomists, cooperative managers and researchers from Aragon and other neighboring production areas.


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