Success Stories and New Projects

Success stories

Fruit trees

Example of orange tree cultivation in Andalusia


Olive trees increase their protection using ecological fertilizer


Ecologically fertilized viticulture


Increase in Tomato Quality in organic fields

New projects

Go-Lactovalor Project

Defeder is participating in this innovative project that values whey as a raw material, to be used in animal feed.
During the manufacture of cheese, whey is a waste that is generated in the coagulation phase of milk, and due to the high quantity produced, it can be put to other uses. In this case, Defeder takes advantage of it for use in animal feed.
The initiative seeks to transform whey by extracting proteins present in this waste for use, for example, in animal feed. This would, without a doubt, be an important contribution to the circular economy of small rural businesses.
Sustainable innovation to get all the juice out of cheese waste.

Fertcafé Project

The main objective of this project is to develop a new biofertilizer based on coffee grounds, giving rise to another example of a circular economy in Aragon.

Through this initiative, the aim is to contribute to the improvement of soil quality, the profitability and sustainability of agricultural operations, as well as the reduction of the carbon footprint through the reuse of one of their waste.

The project is made up of several companies: EBOCA Vending Labs, a company dedicated to the production and distribution of roasted coffee from its plant in Huesca, non-beneficiary member Viñas del Vero and us, Defeder Alcolea.