The environmental impact of Christmas

On these very important dates, in each country the Christmas holidays are celebrated, or what is the same; an increase in consumption, exchanging gifts and welcoming a new year with family and friends. This supposes a great environmental impact as a consequence of irresponsible and unsustainable consumption, generation of garbage, waste of water, energy and mainly the irrational use of natural resources, causing deterioration of ecosystems and the environment.

From here we are going to give a series of tips that must be followed to try to mitigate this impact:

  • Recycle, especially on holidays, garbage increases by 20-25 % with respect to the average.
  • Save energy, the consumption of gas and electricity during these dates is skyrocketing.
  • Sustainable food consumption. According to the UN, ¾ parts of the food produced each year is wasted.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of gifts and toys, for this it is preferable that they are "green" products.
  • Manage water responsibly.

This year the environmental impact may be less due to the extraordinary situation we are experiencing, but it is still a time when our planet suffers the irresponsible consequences of the population. Defeder promotes awareness of a celebration of parties that allows reducing the waste of electricity and environmental pollution in natural resources, where citizens must assume a change of conduct, attitudes and behaviors during these Christmas times. That is, to promote an ecological Christmas each year, in order to care for and preserve the environment.