The impact of climate change on agriculture and the importance of ecological fertilizers

He climate change It is an undeniable reality that is rapidly transforming our planet and, therefore, profoundly affecting agriculture. The extreme temperatures, water scarcity and the proliferation of pests These are just some of the consequences that farmers must face more and more frequently. In this context, ecological fertilizers are presented as a vital solution to mitigate negative impacts and guarantee the long-term sustainability of agricultural production. Defeder, manufactures a wide range of fertilizers suitable for all types of fields and crops, using top quality raw materials. This global, sustainable farming approach focuses on improving all agricultural systems to promote biodiversity and minimize negative impacts on the environment and climate change.

The ecological agriculture is based on practices that respect the environment, avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals and betting on techniques that promote biodiversity and soil health. In this sense, organic fertilizers play a crucial role by providing the necessary nutrients for plants in a natural and sustainable way.

One of the biggest challenges facing agriculture due to climate change is the loss of soil fertility. High temperatures and the intensification of extreme weather events can alter the composition of the soil, impoverishing its structure and decreasing its capacity to retain essential nutrients. This is where organic fertilizers come into play, which not only provide nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also improve soil structure and promote beneficial microbiological activity.

Furthermore, ecological fertilizers contribute to the reduction of soil erosion, another serious problem exacerbated by climate change. By improving soil structure and promoting the growth of strong, deep roots, these fertilizers help maintain soil integrity against erosion caused by wind and water.

In conclusion, climate change represents an unprecedented challenge for agriculture, but organic fertilizers from Defeder offer a promising solution to maintain the productivity and sustainability in a constantly changing world.