The importance of biostimulants in crops

When we talk about organic farming, an infinite number of terms come to mind; earth, compost, food, sustainability, ecological... In today's post we want to highlight the importance of one of these many concepts such as biostimulants.

What is a biostimulant? Vital in the life process of the food, the biostimulants are those substances or microorganisms that, once we apply them to our crops, allow them to better absorb nutrients, facilitate their growth and enhance their agronomic characteristics.

We live in a boom moment of biostimulants for the numerous benefits they offer to agriculture. In fact, they allow solving the inefficiencies in the field that exist today despite the fact that production practices have been improved in a more ecological way. They provide more yield and quality, so you can produce more with less, and more environmentally friendly way and the environment.

We can list different advantages of biostimulants, such as:

  • They improve the vigor, yield and quality of the crop.
  • They help nutrient absorption and translocation.
  • They enrich the organoleptic quality of the fruits.
  • Better soil fertility and growth of beneficial microorganisms.
  • They increase the efficiency of plant metabolism.

He ecological biostimulant is not the same as him ecological fertilizerThey work differently. Some of the differences between them are:



They aim to improve the nutrient absorption mechanisms of the plant They aim to provide the necessary nutrients to the plant
Crop biostimulation improves tolerance to biotic stress Fertilizers lack this feature
Biostimulation is applied in small amounts They are applied in large quantities
Improve nutrient absorption and translocation They are essential in the nutrition and formation of cell walls.

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