The CAP reform is committed to the environment

We are in luck in the agricultural sector since the European Council agreed on October 20 on its general orientation on the package of reforms of the common agricultural policy (CAP) for after the year 2020.

Among the different topics agreed upon, the raising of the level of climate and environmental ambitions through the introduction of instruments such as mandatory ecological schemes stands out.

The next CAP will enter into force on January 1, 2023, with the years 2021 and 2022 as a transitional period, during which farmers and ranchers will continue to receive aid according to the new budget, 47,724 million euros, but with the rules of the previous one. CAP.

“The agreement we have reached today is a milestone for European agricultural policy. Member States have shown their determination to set stricter environmental standards in the field of agriculture and, at the same time, have declared themselves in favor of the necessary flexibility to guarantee the competitiveness of farmers and livestock breeders. This agreement satisfies the aspiration to achieve a greener, fairer and simpler CAP.” Klöchner, J. (10/20/2020). The future of the CAP after 2020. European Council.

One of the great reforms is that the 20% of direct aid is reserved for farmers who implement environmental programs. That is, there are premiums to stimulate ecological activity. Of the aid provided for farmers, an 80% is guaranteed, but the rest will have to be earned. These are the so-called eco-schemes, whose competence to make them falls on the country itself, although common activities such as high-precision agriculture, agroforestry and organic agriculture are cited.

The objective is to offer a change to the ecological capacity of the CAP and from Defeder we welcome these new measures with open arms since from our beginning we promote and bet on ecological and sustainable agriculture. Defeder has always ensured progress towards an agricultural environmental transformation to achieve the environmental and climate objectives proposed by the European Union and trusts that other companies will follow suit.