Defeder's CSR

what is the CSR? The corporate social responsibility It is a certain form of action that companies adopt, based mainly on the possible impacts that their activity can cause both in their immediate environment (customers and employees), and in the environment that surrounds them (society and the environment). ).

For Defeder Social responsibility has to be, by necessity, voluntary. Because if it is mandatory, it is not social responsibility, but regulatory compliance. Carry out actions that benefit society it will always bring great advantages to a company, and never disadvantages.

carry out practices CSR It has been shown that companies manage to improve corporate image and reputation, prevent risks, have a greater recruitment and retention of talent, improve the work environment and productivity, encourage innovation, improve energy efficiency, increase customer and supplier loyalty …

Every year we carry out an analysis of our social actions involving our work team and involving them in all the projects that strengthen our corporate principles and values. Thanks to this vision, we have obtained the RSA 2021 seal, in recognition of the promotion and development of socially responsible actions.

He RSA stamp is a seal that the Government of Aragon grants to companies, self-employed, non-profit entities and all kinds of public and private organizations in the Autonomous Community of Aragon, which voluntarily implement and apply responsible practices.

From Defeder We encourage all companies to gradually implement different actions of CSR so that the whole community can benefit. We are very proud of our actions and we wish to continue complying and carrying out practices in favor of society.