Tests carried out by the R+D+i department

Crop development is a key point for obtaining abundant and quality harvests. For this reason, at Defeder Alcolea we are committed to the constant design of new products that allow us to optimize and guarantee the correct growth of our plantation, providing the necessary nutrients to achieve it at all times.

For this purpose, a series of field trials are being carried out with the new products Defeder is working on. These tests are carried out in our own field of experimentation under the supervision of the R+D+i department.

Through these tests we want to show the benefits of the application of these articles in rooting, as well as in the vegetative and fruit development, in different types of crops.

The new formulation allows an optimal supply of nutrients, since these are presented in forms that are easily assimilated by the plant. In addition, we are working so that these products enter the zero waste category, and at the same time that they can be certifiable for use in organic farming, according to the new standards.

At Defeder, we are committed to the environment, which is why we do not stop searching for new solutions and alternatives that allow our clients to obtain quality crops, promoting the circular economy as the basis of the business.